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Welcome to Moulding Futures, a non-profit charitable organisation. Originally set up to raise awareness and challenge stigma about all sorts of topics and in all sorts of ways, we focus more now on helping people to stay positive and find ways to enhance their well being, since launching the Giggle Together project and the Share a Smile Campaign.

Our core beliefs haven’t changed; ensuring that people are given the right information to end ignorance and also give opportunities to people who are out of work and/or disadvantaged in some way, but we now focus on positive emotional health where possible, and giving everyone access to the tools to be able to do this.

Past projects/events have included the controversial “Make it Mental” events in Chelmsford- getting people talking about mental health and the words we use, “Stand Up 4 Wheels”, “NeuroTalk” and the launch of the ongoing “Share A Smile” campaign in 2010. The Tiny Trail, Hip Ops and Hoodies - and more.

Our Giggle Together project is now where our core work lies - providing workshops, programmes and talks, using the power of laughter, art, play and creativity as a way of coping with every day stresses to a brighter road a head. They are designed for everyone, giving people the chance to discover a new tool to enhance your well being. We also have specific programmes for a variety of client groups. Click on the logo to go to our Giggle Together dedicated website.

We’ll also run awareness campaigns and events when we feel they are needed or to raise funds for projects.


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Where you discover your own yellow brick road.....
Giggle 4 Gold - In loving memory of Joan Pegley
who passed away April 2013 (far right).